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Privacy Notice

1. use and protect your data
flavonmaxreviews.com very careful with your personal data. To do so (for example, the collection, processing and transmission) for all activities related to the processing of data, we adopted the relevant regulations. Your data is ordering, transaction and sales process further storage necessary, transferred to our related services when necessary. In addition to this use of your personal data to third parties.

Your address and order data are collected and processed for marketing purposes. Where necessary, and in accordance with legal requirements for the use of market research, and to improve our products also anonymous user profiles.

Payment processing essential data for our partners shepherd transmission. This transfer of information via a secure SSL encryption.

Personal data may also be used to check credit. These probability values ​​are used. Used in these calculations, inter alia, address information. Cookies 2. use
We use cookies. What Cookie Yes, but when you visit a Web site sends to your computer in a small text file. flavonmaxreviews.com can biscuits and other parties. By a cookie, we will be better. A cookie, for example to ensure that the products in the car in mind. The so-called functional biscuit shop also ensure normal.

In addition, cookies used for marketing and analysis purposes, so that the aspirations and needs of our services as much as possible. This Privacy and cookie statement is used to place cookies in a statement, which makes the Cookie (flavonmaxreviews.com or a third party), cookie retention period and did not accept the consequences of its purpose.

You can set your browser to Cookie does not save / acceptance, or notify you when you receive a cookie when. On how to set this information, please refer to your Internet browser's help menu or the Internet Options tool.

This could be your flavonmaxreviews.com if you do not accept the Cookie will still be accessible. However, this may be some of the features or services of the site is not the best operation, the user is restricted.

3. Information Delivery sales activities
flavonmaxreviews.com collection and use of customer data to inform new offers or product and service personnel flavonmaxreviews.com further improved. v the right to send information via e-mail to its members to draw members expressed no value here. One possibility to indicate this is to add to sales activity on each communication via e-mail.

4. The data storage information and the right to appeal
You might ask flavonmaxreviews.com send written information about their stored personal data. Possible corrections, banned or deleted, we will - be processed immediately