The Opportunity


Our Market Flavon max – a Personalized Opportunity

The Flavon max Club opportunity affords the possibility to give the same chance for financial independence to everybody, no matter their position in life. It is a complete concept with which everybody can work with the same chances after buying the first carton of products. The Flavon max Consumer Club offers dynamic development for its members where they have the chance to become a part of a growth process from the very beginning. It has earned recognition by creating new markets not just in Hungary but also, increasingly, abroad.

Our Target Market

Our opportunity is available to everyone that wants to improve his or her current situation. We offer alternatives for those who need an excellent product, and who want to have some supplementary income or wish to establish their own enterprise where they can be their own boss.

What to Expect

You will get world class products sourced and produced to the highest standards, which help you keep you in good condition. You will experience the simplest and most calculable marketing system where we minimize requirements and maximize commissions. You will be paid much better for your work than at any of our competitors. You will take part in the development of a dynamic MLM network. You will feel, through your pocket, right at the beginning that you have made the right choice.

The Flavon Max Customer Club is a 4th Generation MLM Business System

One of the major advantages is that its members are not encouraged to stockpile (to “fill up the garage” – so to speak). Its aim is that its members supply themselves and their direct environment with products of quality and help them to expand the network. The network building methods are very simple:

  • The members supply Flavon max products, sharing their positive experiences with their direct environment and;
  • They expand their network with the help of their experiences based on their success and conviction in business with the hope of encouraging imitation.

If you have been looking for a home based business that offers huge earning potential, Flavon is the sensible choice. Where else can you be your own boss while also improving the health and wealth of those around you?

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