Flavon Green Plus


Flavon Green +

The Flavon Green Plus+ is the newest, premium category product of our product family. It was developed on the basis of Flavon Green and the best scientific results in order to enhance the synergetic effects operating between the ingredients. By using ingredients with proven beneficial psychological effects which are at the cutting edge of science, it supports health-conscious nutrition and life style.

The vegetables are sources of such phytochemical substances which – cannot be found in fruits – are indispensable for the optimal functioning of our cells and organs, for keeping our health and improving the quality of our life.

The Flavon Green Plus+ was mainly developed for those who consume vegetable in low quantities and not varied composition; by keeping the jelly-like consistency which is advantageous in perspective of bio-availability. The Flavon Green Plus+ was intentionally developed based on the newest results of science in order to widen the circle of consumers for people (including pregnant women and children above 3 years of age as well) for whom the healthy increase of antioxidant affects, the increased reduction of the environmental impacts’ risk can improve the quality of life.

The Flavon Green Plus+ harmonises very well and advantageously with the other members of the Flavon product family and it highly supports the health-conscious nutrition and life style.

Contains no preservatives!

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