Flavon Green


Flavon Max Green

Flavon Green offers the benefits of different vegetables in a complex form. It is a true innovation on the dietary supplement market. The included vegetables help us maintain a well-balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Beyond the fact that it provides a large part of the necessary daily vegetable intake for the body, it also perfectly fits the diet of any health-conscious consumer.

Why Use Flavon Max Green?

We all know that regular vegetable consumption has a beneficial effect on our general state of wellbeing – supplying it with special and essential nutrients, fibers and vitamins. However, only a few people consume the required daily amount. Even if we want to eat healthily, our hurried lifestyles do not allow us to consume enough raw or semi-cooked vegetables.

Nowadays, the human body cannot defeat the large number of environmental effects it is exposed to. For this reason, scientifically designed, dietary supplements with high antioxidant content and premium quality are playing an increasingly important role in modern day–to-day nutrition. Dietary supplements are such products that suitably prevent the occurrence of deficiency symptoms caused by inadequate nutrition.

Flavon Green is a revolutionary product, a true innovation for vegetable consumption and reshapes previous habits. We can cover a large part of our daily recommended vegetable intake with only one single spoon of Flavon Green. Indeed, we can achieve this by consuming a guaranteed product, constituted of only well-selected and high quality ingredients. As such, it has extremely high vitamin and mineral content.

Flavon Green contains no preservatives!

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