Flavon Kids


Flavon Kids

Every parent is responsible for their children adequate nutrition.

Every parent wants to provide their children with vitamins, minerals and essential substances. Flavon kids is a dietary supplement created especially for children, and expectant / nursing mothers. Flavonoids, as natural antioxidants, offer natural protection for children as well as for adults. A child’s developing body grows fast thus it is vulnerable to harmful effects, and in addition, children are exposed to increased risk at school or at other communities.

The greatest advantage of Flavon Kids is its tastiness. When it was created, we paid special attention to develop a product which is not only healthy but also has an excellent taste, as the combination of these two traits makes easier for children to take Flavon Kids daily.

Why Give Your Child Flavon Kids?

Because it provides a developing body with many of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to its delicious taste, odor, and consistency, children are delighted with taking Flavon kids. Expectant and nursing mothers also have to pay special attention to the state of their body, as it deeply affects the adequate growth and health of their children.

Flavon kids contains no preservatives!

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