Flavon Max Plus


Flavon Max +

Flavon max Plus+ is the premium member of our product line. It is an exclusive product created for people who are exposed to increased risk as they are under serious strain, and for those who consider health protection as a high priority based on their lifestyle. It’s healthy and tasty at the same time, providing an obvious solution to our daily challenge of healthy nutrition.

 Why Use Flavon Max + ?

Antioxidants and high quality nutrition are very important for the body. To facilitate neutralizing the effects of harmful free radicals and increased oxidative stress, antioxidants are extremely important for the body. Daily stress, insufficient nutrition, and the presence of an excessive number of food additives in our foods (consistence improvers, emulsifiers, coloring agents and flavor enhancers) may jointly cause an abnormal increase in the number of free radicals in our body.

Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, unjustified medication, polluted air, water, and soil can make these conditions even worse. Cell, tissue, and organ damage caused by free radicals can be linked to the development of several diseases. The proper antioxidant supply of the body is very important, in which the intake of high quality dietary supplements plays a significant part. In case of increased oxidative stress, when the body is burdened with an excessive amount of free radicals, antioxidant materials are strongly recommended.

Following the principle of “the more, the better”, herbs such as beetroot, sand thorn, blackcurrant, blueberry, pomegranate, blue grapes, etc. – important components of which are polyphenol compounds, flavonoids, proantocianidins and terpenes – play a more and more important part.

We can take the appropriate antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and coloring agents into our body with this well-chosen, carefully compounded, complex and natural high quality dietary supplement.

Flavon max Plus+ contains no preservatives!

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